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This is a respitory of info about the Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee series of fanfics/fan art.

Warning:This wiki has info on characters, in-universe concepts and locations. As a result, this universe differs from characters, concepts, settings and so on in the main Pokémon game series, the main Pokémon anime, the Pokémon Adventures/Special manga, the Love Live! School Idol Project and Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series, the Love Live! School Idol Festival and SIF All Stars mobile games/mobages, the Tokimeki Memorial & Girl's Side game series, Tokimeki Idol and the Twinbee game series.

In addition, there are various spoilers on specific pages, and they will not be hidden.

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Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee Characters
Nijigasaki High Pokémon Trainers Club Hilda WhiteShizuku OsakaShiori FujisakiPastel CeriseRisa SeldenEmma VerdeRina TennojiFreya JerbarnAkiha YukiAyumu UeharaBianca ShiroJennifer BradleyLeafYukari SaotomeLarrisa dos SantosLillieSetsuna Yuki
Hinagiku Elementary Pokémon Trainer's Club Yoko Catherine Osaka WhiteElesis Kashiwagi KousakaMargo
Eggman Empire White/Team Plasma N Harmonia BlairHilbert BlairCoco MiyashitaAi MiyashitaYuri MidoRanphaNateHugh
Otonokizaka High Pokémon Trainers Club Honoka KousakaMaki NishikinoNozomi TojoNico Yazawa
Uranohoshi Girls' High Pokémon Trainers Club Chika TakamiYou WatanabeMisty Cerulean
Team Sonic Sonic the HedgehogMiles "Tails" ProwerKnuckles the Echidna
Classic Sonic's World Classic SonicClassic TailsClassic KnucklesMighty the ArmadilloRay the Flying Squirrel
Knothole/Akiba Freedom Fighters Sally AcornAntoine D'CooletteBunnie RabbotRotor the Walrus
The Three Caballeros Donald DuckJosé CariocaPanchito Pistoles
Team Dark Shadow the HedgehogRouge the BatE-123 Omega
Eggman Empire Black Dr. EggmanJessie, James and MeowthScratch, Grounder and CoconutsCubot and Orbot
Destructix Scourge the HedgehogFiona FoxLightning LynxPredator HawkSargeant SimianFlying FrogSleuth Dog
Crossover Characters
Wonder Digi-Idolmaster Mimi TachikawaHaruka AmamiMomo KandaSora TakenouchiIori MinaseYayoi Takatsuki
Nintendo MarioLuigiYoshi
Game Freak Quinty
King TiffiKimmyMr. ToffeeYetiBubblegum Troll
Non-Canon Characters

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